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Hey, I'm Jennifer Lamprey, founder of the Quickening, and I have to ask... are you sick and tired of people telling you all these different strategies and none of them are working?


I hate to say this but... they don't give a crap about you.


Our goal, compared to the competition, is to actually care about you getting the revenue you want. We focus entirely on our clients results, and thats what makes us wake up in the morning, Women making gobs of revenue!


15 years ago I had a vision to recession proof women and quicken them everywhere in their lives by supporting an explosion of revenue in their businesses. The Quickening has grown and evolved over the years...we have had thousands of women shift, expand, and increase through our programs and coaching. Quick Shifts, Quick wins, Quick leads and Quick sales are our lifeblood and we are grateful and thrilled to have you join us in the vision.

Yes I want all that!! Get me in on this!